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What is EBP?
Problems with the Definition
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The Five Stages of EBP
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Welcome to the Evidence Based Nursing Practice Website

Why has ebnp.co.uk been developed?
Evidence based practice (EBP) is a term that is used widely, but often not clearly understood by those who are expected to implement it. EBP can seem a challenging and difficult process. This site has been developed to assist nurses in turning a theoretical concept into a practical reality.

Who is ebnp.co.uk aimed at?
The site has been developed by nurses for nurses. The information is presented in a straightforward format, to guide nurses who are new to the concept of EBP. It also directs those with more in-depth knowledge to other resources to further develop their ability to use evidence in practice.

How can ebnp.co.uk help you?
The site gives an insight into why EBP is important by outlining some of the fundamental principles. It achieves this by describing each of the five stages of EBP.

Links are provided to a definitions page, which clarifies some of the more complex concepts and terminology.

A resource page acts as a gateway to other websites. These sites are useful in gaining a deeper understanding of EBP and provide further information to assist with the process.

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